Fae’s Defiance (Queens of the Fae Book 2) by M. Lynn and Melissa Craven

To be perfectly honest, I don’t understand why Fae’s Defiance has such positive reviews. Similarly to the first book, it isn’t a bad book, but it isn’t anything special. It doesn’t stand out. Nothing in it is a new concept. If anything, it kind of bored me. I’m disappointed by it. 

And I was really, really, really trying to love it.

I mean, who doesn’t want to love these characters? They’re funny. Brea is very likeable. Their relationships and interactions are cute. They’re just not unique in any way and the predictability of this series is wearing on me a little bit. I didn’t mind it so much the first book, but two books in a row is a bit much for me. I want some surprises. 

I’d also like more build up. Brea’s and Lochlan’s relationship doesn’t have any sense of realism to it. He seems like a rip-off of every other male love interest in the fantasy genre. In a manner of speaking, so does she. Their personalities reflect the personalities of a thousand other fantasy genre characters. Their relationship is much of the same, minus the passion many other books include. And they don’t do anything half as well as characters in other books do.  There is just no build up or explanation for their successes.

For example, Brea is supposed to have extremely powerful magic. She is a force to be reckoned with. Half of the first book, however, talks about how she will need to learn to control it… So she starts training and somehow can hold her own in a battle within a day? Yawn. Please give me a little bit more than that. I’m really not trying to be too critical, but it’s too lackluster for me. I need more as a reader. I want more. I deserve more if you expect me to spend hours reading your books. 

Thankfully, this series stopped trying to compare itself to A Court of Thorns and Roses. It just doesn’t measure up and I didn’t enjoy the constant reminders of that. I’m going to read the last book, but only because I’m a very quick reader. I don’t really know if it’s going to be worth the time all the same. Fae’s Defiance wasn’t. 

Back of the Book (Amazon.com)

Brea Robinson is a princess. 

Ridiculous, right? 

She’s left her small Ohio town behind for an exotic palace beyond her imagination, trading old jeans for ballgowns and a drunken father for two Fae mothers. 

Safe behind the power of Eldur, it’s easy to forget everything that brought her here. 

Like the two men who saved her that are now missing. 

The abducted princess who should be roaming the palace halls instead of her. 

The war coming for them all. 

As Brea comes to terms with this new world and the web of secrets surrounding her, she realizes she stands on the brink of losing everything she never knew she wanted. 

The mothers who would die for her. 

The Fae who loves her. 

And the people of her kingdom who trust her to save them. 

Only, Brea can barely save herself. With uncontrollable magic warring within her, it’s only a matter of time before she lets everyone down. 

When the worst happens and the person she loves most falls into the enemy’s hands, she has a choice to make. And if she bows to the enemy queen’s demands, will she remain a princess or become a sacrifice instead?

Book two in the Queens of the Fae Series, click now to be transported into a world where magic can’t always be controlled, kings fall, and betrayal is sometimes the biggest sacrifice of all. 

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