I’m Thinking of Ending Things (Netflix Movie)

Normally I wouldn’t write about a movie on this blog, but I just watched I’m Thinking of Ending Things on Netflix last night and I can’t help myself. Plus, this movie is based on a book by Iain Reid so I feel halfway justified in writing about it.

Disclaimer: I watched the movie before reading the book. I am definitely not an authority on this movie or this book. I’ll read the actual book itself at some point. (I just bought it today.) And, yes, I was just as confused as everyone else seems to be. The entire thing made absolutely no sense to me until I googled the explanation for it all. I found a particularly great explanation on vulture.com if you’re in the same boat I was in.

But I did enjoy my own lack of understanding and that’s a special thing in itself. This movie felt off-putting and scary, and yet it utterly captivated me the entire time. Even scenes that felt normal and everyday still held my attention. There was something magical about being so confused and unsure. It’s how I imagine Lucy felt the entire time. And I loved it.

However, I do find myself wishing the ending had been a bit different. I found myself coming up with possible explanations for it all the entire movie (and never guessed the actual ending,) but I think I like one of my possible explanations better than the one we got. At least right now, before I read the actual book, I like it better. I kind of just wanted it to be Lucy overreacting and overthinking things the entire time. We always have moments in life where normal things seem scary and confusing. I wanted the ending of this movie just to be that she had a normal night meeting Jake’s parents, but felt nervous and anxious the whole time. Her nerves distorted her perception of the night and made everything scarier than it actually was. I could relate to that more than the actual ending. It’s rare to have a movie build suspense for it to be pulled back into reality. I kind of wanted the ending to tell me that I myself was nervous for no reason. Nothing was wrong. We were all looking at this the wrong way.

In a manner of speaking, though, they did give me that exactly. Nothing was what it seemed.

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