China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan (Crazy Rich Asians #2)

Is it read-worth? China Rich Girlfriend was even better than Crazy Rich Asians. It was fun, exciting, and a super easy read! I really enjoyed watching Kevin Kwan progress as an author and I really enjoyed this book overall. So much fun!

China Rich Girlfriend (Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy Book 2) by [Kevin Kwan]
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Summary (Spoiler-Free)

On the day of Rachel Chu’s wedding, a shocking revelation on the behalf of Eleanor Young reunites her with her father and transports her into a whole new world. There, she meets Carlton – a young man with a troubled past behind the wheel, Colette – Carlton’s celebrity girlfriend, and her father. 

At the same time that’s happening, Astrid Leong finds that her husband’s newly found financial success comes with a lot of downfalls. He’s a completely different man!

China Rich Girlfriend comes with so many plot turns and twists and is SUCH a fun read, even compared to the first book!

HE GETS BETTER! (Spoiler-Free)

My main selling point with this book is that Kevin Kwan’s writing style has hit its stride- finally. The first book, where I struggled to find myself emphasizing with the characters, was NOTHING like the second book.

I could relate to the characters!

And, beyond that, I loved the plot twists that made this book deviate so much from the first one. As with the first, my favorite part of this book was Astrid and Michael’s relationship. I just find Astrid so completely interesting.

But, unlike the first book, I wasn’t skipping pages to get back to them. 
I really thought this was a rather good book. It was hilarious, fun to read, and I could finally, finally, finally relate to the characters the way I wanted to!

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